This school KD Public School/ Kids Valley is running under the society Mahendra Pratap Memorial Seva Sanstha, Deoria Khas. This is registered in 2007 under Society Act 1860 and got recognition in 2010. Since then, the school is working in the field of education for all, along with cleanliness, health and Social Work. Its main focus is to make children versatile. This institute imparts education as a process by which a child is molded into an emotionally balance, physically healthy, intellectual objective and spiritually conscious.

This is a great thought about the learning –

Student who aims to reach on top, every type of competition helps him to increase and enrich the knowledge and experiences. These small contests and competitions are stairs which takes you upto the goal. Driving the sudy time we should have many study material. To attain it, our parents help us but some time government and institution help us by providing scholarship , which encourage us to move forward.

Scholarship contest helps one, in two ways-

One by competition and other by Scholarship. It is a human nature to collect more, and it apllies to knowledge, power and position as well. Therefore if we think of positives aspects, it will only do better to ourselves .

Originality is the essence of true scholarship, Creativity is the soul of true Scholar .


Prizes & Recognition

Group Class 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize 4th to 10th Topper of Group
A 1st to 5th 5 x Rs.1500 5 x Rs.1100 5 X Rs.1000 Consolation Bicycle ATLAS METTLE-TT
B 6th to 8th 3 x Rs.1500 3 x Rs.1100 3 X Rs.1000 Consolation Bicycle HERCULES SPARTA
C 9th to 12th 4 x Rs.2000 4 x Rs.1100 4 X Rs.1000 Consolation Android Tablet

Commitee Members


Rules & Regulations